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At Joyville, you will find two coaching programs customized to help you make the most of life, love, and happiness. Get ready to feel empowered, energized, and to have fun in the process!

Struggling to start online dating? Unhappy with your matches so far? If so, we’re here to help! Joyville’s innovative approach will help bring you closer to the right mate. First, we reconnect you with the best aspects of yourself before diving into the online world. Then we help you fully express the “best you” to pursue your personal goal. Read More »
Rediscover who you were all along! We tap into the positive, carefree you that often gets dusty from years of working too hard, being in or getting out of a challenging relationship, or always putting others first. Best of all, reigniting those positive feelings will help you get more of what you want in your life. Read More »
News: Thurs. March 15th event- A Sampling of Joyville’s “Finding Love” Program
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    Did you know...

    Laughter plays a big role in romance:

    - Men are attracted to women who laugh heartily around them

    - Out of the two sexes, men tend to be the laugh-getters

    - Women laugh 126% more than men!

    - Women’s laughter is a key indicator of the health of a relationship

    - Laughter in a relationship declines dramatically as people age

    - Science confirms that laughter truly is contagious; the laughter of others is irresistible.

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  • Testimonials

    “The choice of unique experts in the field that were brought in was perfect—there were different opinions that gave me ‘real world’ insights.”

    Patti Z

    “There wasn’t anything traditional about this coaching … the nature of the surprises lightened up the whole insightful experience.”

    Paul N.

    “It doesn’t feel like a job anymore-- I’m having fun. This was a great program which gave me a terrific perspective, a profile that is really me, helped me get more comfortable with the whole process and feel empowered about getting out there and choosing the best man for me.”

    Kim R.

    “Joyville allowed me to experience myself in a more expansive and open way. Now, you wouldn’t believe how busy my online dating life has gotten.”

    Jane S.

    “My profile is catching the eye of men who really want what I offer, and I’ve gotten more emails than ever.”

    Jillian S.

    “I‘m continuing to connect with my “internal joy”. I’m sure it affected my meeting a good guy who I am now dating.”

    Cindy C.

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